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Operation Reach Out is in need of food! See attached file for our current needs list
Operation Reach Out 
Who we are
Founded in 1991 by Modene Howie, Operation Reach Out was initially created to serve simply as a food pantry. Over the years, however, Operation Reach Out expanded its services to include emergency funds for food, clothing, medicine, etc. to the needy in Union County.

Helping people in financial crisis to meet their basic hunger and spiritual needs, moving toward self-sufficiency.

To eradicate hunger and malnutrition in Union County.

What we do

  • Provide emergency food, medicine, clothing, furniture, household items, funding for fuel, utilities, special needs, free fans and heaters (seasonal)
  • Operate our food pantry, Joseph’s Storehouse
  • Operate Finder’s Keepers, our resale shop which sells donated clothing, furniture, and household items at reasonable prices. Proceeds help support our programs
  • Offer bible study and free lunch every weekday 
  • Assist with the “Lord of the Harvest” free meal each Thanksgiving
  • Continuous counseling services led by Pastor Eddie Williams 
Joseph's Storehouse
Operation Reach Out is a 501(c)3 non-profit food pantry organization that provides food, free of charge, for each individual screened and approved as having a crisis situation. In our food pantry, we preserve perishable and non-perishable food collected from local grocery stores, produce centers, gleaners and restaurants.

Finders Keepers
Operation Reach Out’s subsidiary resale store, Finders Keepers, sells donated clothing and household items at affordable prices. All proceeds from the resale store benefit Operation Reach Out, making up the majority of the income. This store is unique to the community because it offers extremely low prices along with free pick-up of donated items. Any donations to Finders Keepers are greatly appreciated! To donate, please call:
(704) 289-4237 or (704) 635-8992

Follow Finders Keepers on Social Media:
Instagram: @_Finderskeeper
Twitter: @_FinderKeepers_

Financial Information 
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